Our Vision

To be the leading provider of high-quality air conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

South Africa will recognise us as the most professional team of HVAC products and services while providing reliable service and installations.

We will also lead the way toward more efficient and effective methods and procedures.

Our Mission

Provide high quality, best value HVAC services and solutions with exceptional customer service that identifies us as “the easiest HVAC Company with which to do business.”

We will concentrate our resources on:

  1. Becoming the HVAC contractors’ supplier of choice
  2. Being a preferred employer
  3. Focusing on continuous improvement
  4. Embracing speed and excellence in execution

Core Values

  1. Integrity                               Safety
  2. Quality                                Customer Passion 
  3. Teamwork                           Accountability
  4. Execution-Focused             Results-Driven


Productivity More with Less in everything we do

Execution Speed - We tell time by a clock, not by a calendar